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Hosting service for fast web 2.0 interactive online map tiles in MBTiles format

How does it work?

How-to 1.

1. Create a map or
use existing mbtiles

How-to 1.

2. Upload via FTP

How-to 1.

3. Embed into website
or use it as service



The maps are displayable in any web browser with a customizable JavaScript API based on OpenLayers or via one of the popular mapping APIs such as Leaflet, Google Maps API or Bing Maps SDK.



The format of the map distribution is excellent for various software viewers and GIS applications such as QGIS, ArcGIS or gvSIG. Even for use on mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android or as Windows Phone.



Online service provides access to maps through implementations of GIS standards OGC WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) and TileJSON. Developers can use the maps in Google Maps SDK for iOS and Android, OSMDroid, MapBox, ArcGIS Runtime SDK, Nutiteq SDK for other mobile and web platforms.


The hosting system uses a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 42 edge nodes all over the world. It reduces hops and lowers latency. On average, a request is fewer than 10 hops for every visitor and takes less than 30ms. The result? Your maps gains a global presence on an affordable budget.

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MapTiler - the easiest way to prepare your maps

Use this software to turn your raster geodata and images into compatible MBTiles format.

Read more about MapTiler


Choose the size of storage that fits your project

Disk space 30 GB 100 GB 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB
Map views unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Price/month * 69 USD 99 USD 199 USD 299 USD 399 USD

* Minimum period of purchase is one year.

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Sell access to your maps

The hosting system allows restricted access, where each user purchases his own unique access code. It means your maps can earn you money! In case you own large mapping layers attractive for others, contact us for details.

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